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Play mahjong against the monsters
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Monster Mahjong

Play mahjong against the monsters

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User: Guest
Date: 2014-09-11
last time i also like to play "in-between" with friends diunrg gatherings... it's also called "penalty kick" in hong kong, with "scoring", "missing" and "hitting the post"anyway this game is sometimes like a jinx... very often, someone will lose big because he hit the post in an unlikely event, ie he got A & King, and ended up getting another A or Kinghaha [url=]famywje[/url] [link=]wtqlkglsf s[/link]

User: Guest
Date: 2014-09-09
Думаю, поможет. Только нужно хорошо подумать, прежде чем на буржуйские форумы постить про regkey насколько это согласуется с условиями расторжения контракта? Если в договоре явно указано, что в случае неисполнения обязательств в течение неск. месяцев договор теряет силу, то думаю можно.У меня высокий балл за TOEFL, так что грубых ошибок быть не должно.Желаю удачи! Расскажете потом, чем закончилось.My eeierpxnce in distributing my shareware game through Paragon Software (SHDD)Several years ago a Paragon Software () representative turned to me and suggested they should distribute my gameAmazing Mahjongg for PDA (). Maybe they turn to other shareware developers with such business offers, therefore this article will be interesting to those independent developers.The essence was that a large company has an advantage in the distribution (including direct contacts with hardware vendors) over an independent developer.Direct contacts with hardware vendors and distribution of the game on CD's bundled with devices were kept in mind. That is, sales volumes are incomparable with those of a single shareware developer, sales are tremendous, enormous. I agreed.Then the game was further developed and improved to meet the marketing and testing requirements. This stage was very useful, because many bugs were fixed and the usability was improved. Many thanks for that.However, then the situation changed. Sales began, but my author royalties did not come. The inquiry on the where my money disappeared matter led me to the company's top management and in ELEVEN MONTHS after the beginning of sales I received the first royalty payment. During that time I had several scandals with resellers and online distributors. It was terrible.Just some lyrics. My biggest mistake was that I gave them the regkey generator. If the keys had been generated on my web-site, I could have controlled the process, there would be no problems.During the talks with the management they promised me that the following royalty payments would be made quarterly, not later than the month after the end of the quarter, without any reminders from my part. Nevertheless, the impression was spoilt.Just take a look for a moment at the prospects they had earlier described. I cannot estimate the actual marketing costs and the volumes of that promised mega-marketing, but it seems they uploaded the game at handango and did not do anything else until the game sold itself. Big prospects turned to be $100 pro month. I do not know, maybe the game is really bad and even the all-day-round marketing cannot help.Meanwhile, one month after the quarter end turned to a half a year.To crown it all, when FOUR MONTHS had passed after the time of the next payment Paragon suggested that they should make a one-time payment for all future sales, just not to bother with these small quarterly royalties. I declined this proposal. Then I demanded the termination of the contract...That's all. No reply. No money. All my e-mails during one and a half months got no reply. Ohh.Summing up. The main mistake was in giving them the key generator. Otherwise I could have stopped sales and would have ignored money questions, but now I feel deceived.Now, for those who are interested — the online key generator for IQ Mahjong and Amazing Mahjong is here. Enjoy. As an AUTHOR I grant permission to distribute these keys.You can download the game from the Paragon web-site : Links to this article, to this key generator and to this game are welcome!The original article is here

User: Guest
Date: 2014-09-09
Happy New Dragon Year, may the mighty doargn scares away ur old tatoo residue n bring in the most beautiful pair of brow to ur very pretty face.I always enjoy reading ur blog, its nice enough to keep me smile each time you update it. I am from Singapore n still staying on this isle. [url=]udwtkk[/url] [link=]yhlehq[/link]

User: Guest
Date: 2014-09-09
This reply may sound simplistic and I reilady admit that I don't reside in celestial tax brackets, but one thing I have learned is that whatever tax bracket I am in represents pennies on the dollar. For every dollar of income I make, I pay greater or fewer pennies in tax, depending on my bracket. (I think the most anyone can pay these days is 35 centers on the $.) My Dad used to say, I'd be happy paying a million in taxes; just think how much income that would represent. The point here is, capital gains are a good thing, even with taxes associated with them.

User: Guest
Date: 2014-09-07
What's nice is they removed the reaniogl ban, so now anyone can play Janryumon 3 (on PC or even android/iphone mobile) if they can navigate the registration. There is a wiki starting up here with some information and translations, please check them out for all further questions: If that doesn't work, just google janryumon guide and you'll be able to figure it out from one of the early results, especially if you have rikai-chan installed to help you out.For people with direct-x errors: Janryumon is incompatible with IE8. That means you need to upgrade to IE9, or remain at IE7. When you upgrade there are two versions if you have a 64-bit processor. 64-bit and 32-bit. You must run 32-bit to install the active-x controls for the Janryumon clientNot really feeling motivated to do another guide for JRM3 since people are working on this, the reaniogl ban is now off (no proxy/vpn needed!), and with rikai-chan even if you don't know Japanese you should be able to figure it out (especially if you have a working understanding of katakana and hiragana which is quite helpful if Japanese-related things are your hobby and only takes a couple weeks to learn).

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