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1. Yeti Sports 3
2. Panik
3. New Car Racer
4. Before The Storm
5. Bomb Defusal
6. Curve Ball
7. Heli Attack 2
8. SIM
9. Tetris A
10. The Dead Case
2.Mario RPG Video
3.Lemonade Stand
4.Redneck Shoot-Out
5.Flash Chess 3D
6.Bubble Pop
7.Whipsaw Fighter
8.The Stick Game
10.Move The Ball
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RayRay Icon
0 Stars Icon
Try to get all the ray ray to stand up within the least amount of moves.
Reaktor Icon
0 Stars Icon
Rotate the platinum blocks and match up atleast three to destroy them.
Retronoid Icon
0 Stars Icon
Classic arkanoid break out style arcade game use your paddle to hit ball and breaks brick and gain
Reversi Icon
0 Stars Icon
Play a classic game of Reversi where you try and flip over your opponent's pieces so they're white
Revolution Icon
0 Stars Icon
Move the frog around with the arrow keys pick up the yellow stars and avoid the poisoned flowers.
Ring Bearer Icon
0 Stars Icon
Ring Bearer
Who wants to be a millionaire style game with a Lord of the Rings twist.
River Game Icon
0 Stars Icon
River Game
The object is to get all the people across the river. Dont leave Mothers and Sons Fathers and Daugh
Road Blocks Icon
0 Stars Icon
Road Blocks
Really smart game of logic and luck.
Robots Attack Icon
0 Stars Icon
Robots Attack
Shoot down space robots with your laser weaponry pick up power ups and destroy enemy bosses.
RoBoxer 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
RoBoxer 2
Dodge left right block or duck punch and jab your enemy to his explosive death.
Rock Paper Scissors Icon
0 Stars Icon
Rock Paper Scissors
Choose between rock paper or scissors versus the computer on each throw.
Rotamania Icon
0 Stars Icon
Rotate the blocks and match up the sides of colors to remove them. Remove all blocks to win.
Rubic's Cube Icon
0 Stars Icon
Rubic's Cube
Oh the ever-addicting Rubic's Cube is here on!
Rumble Ball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Rumble Ball
This is a fantastic game where you have to shoot the ball around the level collecting the dots and b
Saber Mania Icon
0 Stars Icon
Saber Mania
Battle against enemies with flash sabres or lightsabres block hits and attack the enemy with slashe
Saving Wade Icon
0 Stars Icon
Saving Wade
Collect all the flash works avoid the enemies and make it to the teleporter.
Saving Wade 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Saving Wade 2
Run through the levels while picking up items avoiding enemies going through teleporters and findi
SB Stage 1 Icon
0 Stars Icon
SB Stage 1
Use your Samurai sword to slice up enemies. Perform combo attacks super moves and use the insanely
Sekonda Ice Hockey Icon
0 Stars Icon
Sekonda Ice Hockey
Inflict some serious pain on your opponents in this game of ice hockey!
Shanghai Dynasty Icon
0 Stars Icon
Shanghai Dynasty
This is a great puzzle game that will have you pulling your hair out for hours!
Sheepish Icon
0 Stars Icon
A great version of the arcade game Frogger but with a sheep.
Shogunate: Samurai Spirit Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shogunate: Samurai Spirit
Wait for the perfect time to strike and then slice down your enemy before they hit you.
Shot Baller Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shot Baller
Use W A S and D to move around hold the mouse down and release to slam or fire your opponent into
Shove It Icon
0 Stars Icon
Shove It
Move the blocks into their specified spots before time runs out.
Simba's Pride - LK2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Simba's Pride - LK2
Help Kiara rescue Kovu.
Simon Icon
0 Stars Icon
Click on the colored buttons according to the sequence the puzzle displays them in.
Sinjid Battle Arena Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sinjid Battle Arena
Go to the shop gather up weaponry armor and other items battle it out against tough enemies.
Sloyd Icon
0 Stars Icon
A fun puzzle game similar to the famous Rubic's Cube. You control 3 faces of three dimensional cube
Smash: Champions Icon
0 Stars Icon
Smash: Champions
Answer questions about movies songs and actors correctly to knock out other contestants.
Smashing Icon
0 Stars Icon
Destroy all the blocks to advance to the next level in this classic arcade game.
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